Suhopolje today

TZ   |   18.06.2018.
Suhopolje today

Suhopolje is a municipality on the border of Slavonia and Podravina with vast green areas and intact nature, providing an ideal place for vacations in nature.

Located in the central part of the Virovitica - Podravina County, the municipality of Suhopolje is one of the largest municipalities in the Virovitica - Podravina County with an area of ​​166.70 km2, whereas according to population it is second in size with 6,683 inhabitants and a population density of 40.08 persons per sq. km.

In municipality of ​​Suhopolje, the agriculture is the basic economic activity, based on the available land resources. The agricultural areas make up most of the area of ​​the municipality, or about 65%, while the forests make up about 35% of the area. One of the basic identities of the municipality of Suhopolje is agricultural production, with a long tradition of farming and significant land potential, as well as favorable climatic conditions that favor the development of agricultural activity.

Given the long tradition of agricultural activities and the natural richness of the forest area, Suhopolje has an enormous potential for the development of rural tourism in its area.

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